Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Head & Shoulders New Moisture Care Line

As some of you may know, I am a member of BzzAgent. It's a great site that lets you review products in exchange for your feedback and reviews. I was given the opportunity to receive NEW Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection to sample in exchange for my honest opinion. I must say I used to be a lover of Head & Shoulders before I went natural. I would always seem to have a dry scalp and Head & Shoulders ALWAYS helped with that problem. Unfortunately, I had to stop using it when I went natural, because it dried my hair out too much and wasn't giving my hair the extra moisture that it needed. :( Fast forward to about a month ago and I found out about the new Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection. i must say I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this collection. It has a great smell, it does all the things I needed it to do before I went natural and now it moisturizes my hair too. I am so glad that Head & Shoulders came out with this line. It was no fun trying to find a replacement when I had to stop using their original products. I am a lover and loyal supporter again because of their new line. For all of you skeptics out their, you should try out their new line and you will be pleasantly surprised. :) 

And if you're interested in signing up with BzzAgent and getting the opportunity to get free products to review just click the link here --->http://u.bzz.com/gsvvm   You will be so happy you did.